Bundee and the dog-whistle

I don’t post often: work, kids, bereavement, life, and inveterate laziness have all conspired to stop me doing so the last few years. But sometimes my Goat is Got. Every culture is made up of equal measures of profound truth and indefensible bullshit. Ireland’s culture is no different: our words, music & welcomes sire many

No need to blow the doors off.

Following weeks of Big Game after Big Game, 3 interprovincials with a European quarter-final thrown into the mix, an away game against Treviso isn’t exactly generating much interest. Connacht are expected to get a try bonus point win against Treviso; this game, as per Glasgow’s against Zebroni and Scarlets’ against Dragons, will only be news

Monstering Munster

Connacht face familiar and not-so-familiar situations this weekend. They go into this game off two defeats and in danger of this season unraveling like last season, albeit to less devastating effect due to starting their fall from the top of the league. Conversely, they start as hot favourites in an inter-provincial match. To some extent